Xnova XTS 4535-460 KV 4+5YY- 6mm - 50mm Shaft E

handgewickelter Powermotor 460KV (1,5mm Draht) für 700-800er Helis (12-14S Lipo), für höchste Ansprüche, wie Speed Helis oder Extrem 3D Helis...

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Xnova XTS 4535-460kV 4+5YY (1,5m thick wire) - 6mm / 41mm Shaft / Welle

Motorwelle 6mm, Länge 50mm - Version E

Xnova brushless high performance outrunner motor designed for 12S and 14S crazy power 3D from 700 and up to  800mm size helicopter where highest power to weight ratio is important. One of the most powerfull motor currently available. Also a perfect fit for speed flying. This Motor will bring your 800 size to a different level! xnova-xts-4535-460-specs.png


  • High qual. Neodym Mag.heat res. up to 150 degree C.
  • Specialized wires,heat resistance up to 300 degree C.
  • Precise balanced.
  • High performance stator metal sheet.
  • High quality NMB bearings. (2 on top 1 at bottom)
  • Marked leading high effiency up to 94%.
  • Cooler running.
  • Superb quality and machining of CNC parts.
  • Improved torque and power output.
  • 1.5mm thick wire.





ESC Settings
Xnova XTS motors are not picky about ESC settings.  Most default settings are just  fine, but there are some things to consider.

Xnova XTS motors make best power with low timing. You may want to set timing at around 5 to maintain power and efficiency, then play with PWM to adjust temperature of ESC and motor. As you already found out the ESC gets warmer as you increase the frequency while the motor gets cooler, and vice versa.

Heli specific setup:
Governor setup is critical for a constant headspeed.  Too low a throttle setpoint  will overstress the entire power system.  Pulling 100A at 50% duty cycle on the  esc produces very high current ripple and high peak currents in the system.  This  reduces efficiency a great deal.  Also remember that 50% throttle on the  transmitter may or may not be 50% throttle (duty cycle) in the ESC.  These values  may not be directly related.

For a 3D heli setup, the gearing, motor kv, and headspeed should be chosen so that at the highest power draw the ESC still has some "headroom" to operate.


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