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Inspector Wattmeter

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The Inspector Wattmeter is an easy-to-use precision instrument for measuring and calculating the electrical parameter of any radio control model.  These parameters would be used to optimize your electric model to its top performance.  The Inspector Wattmeter measures real-time current, voltage, peak current, minimum voltage, power, charge and energy for the electric model that it's connected to.  This will allow you to investigate and tune the

performance of your R/C model to its optimal performance.  You can also determine critical things such as efficiency, and current consumption of an ESC, BEC and motor, power consumption/lost at all conditions. These precise measurements and  data will help you fine tune your R/C model to get the proper performance and data will help you fine tune your R/C model to get the proper performance and  provide

a safe and consistent power source.   The Wattmeter is also ideal for  tracking the current and power consumption during the charging / discharging of any rechargeable batteries in series with a battery charger.   The Inspector Wattmeter is designed  and manufactured in Canada with the leading edge micro-controller technology and robust components that will   "inspect" most high power applications.





l Ultra compact watt meter and power analyzer that will fit most

l Measures current, voltage, power, charge, energy, peak current, peak wattage and minimum voltage.

l Wide range of voltage reading from     0-60V and current reading of 0-100A.  

l High precision and accuracy of     0.01A and 0.1 V.  

l High current capability up to 50A     continuous and 100A peak at 60V.

 l Compact and light weight LCD     gives visual feedback with user     selectable display.  

l Uses leading edge 25 MIPS micro-     controller with 16 bit resolution delta-sigma ADC.  

l High quality power components and     wires to withstand high power     applications



Height  -----  11 mm
Width   -----  40 mm
Length -----  40 mm
Weight -----  42 grams


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