Multikopter 4S power Lipo - ideal für DJI F450, F550...

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Pulse Batteries – Can You Feel the Power? Perfekt für Multicopter!



Pulse 3300mah 4S2P 35C FLAT packs is designed for multi-rotors such as DJI 450 and similar sizes.

Battery Ships w/ EC5 Connector Pre-Soldered.


for 450-size multirotor like DJI F450, F550...

Pulse Ultra LiPo Battery Technology - True Multi Rotor Power!



  • Cell Count: 4S
  • Capacity: 3300mah
  • Discharge Rate: 25C
  • Charge Rate: 5C
  • Dimensions: 91mm x 59mm x 33mm  (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 374g
  • Balance Tap: JST-XH

Designed for use in multiple 450 sized multi rotor systems, such as the very popular DJI Flame Wheel 450,


the Pulse Ultra 3300mah 4S 35C battery is optimized for 450+ multi rotor platforms, allowing this compact, low profile battery to extend your flight times with excellent mah capacity.

Designed with a low profile in mind, this LiPo battery pack takes advantage of a cell structure that reduces the center of gravity of the aircraft for top mounting LiPo batteries, allowing your multi rotor to perform with increased stability.

With the high output 35C power and a pre-soldered EC5 connector, you can rest assured that this battery has all the amperage you will ever need, providing you with the power your system demands. Further this with an amazing 5C charge rate, and you will be flying in no time with high amperage charge capability.

Pulse Ultra LiPo technology meets your multi rotor needs like no other, providing the performance, capacity and reputation you are looking for when it comes to powering your multi rotor machine!

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