EZNOV Neuron Flybarless / Flight Control System

Flybarlesssystem für alle Anwendungen, egal ob Heli, Multicopter, Fläche, Flugzeuge ....

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Latest generation, 9 axis sensor (MPU-9250)
Latest generation STM32F4 microcontroler with floating point unit
Rock solid power stage (no more sat locks) up to 8.4V
External USB connector for more installation flexibility
Every connector is electrically protected
Built-in RPM governor

One built-in sat connector with smart bind
Connect a second sat via an adapter
Handles all serial output receivers (HoTT, SRXL, SBUS/SBUS2, JR XBus Mode B and Mode A, PWM sum, plus DSM2 and DSMX sats)
Receiver auto-configuration
RPM governor auto-configuration
Set-up and tuning as simple as possible
Rescue mode for helis, with pitch management
Self level mode for multi-rotors and planes
Possiblity to connect a Bluetooth module on USB adapter
Files between PC and Android are compatibles

Additional Information

  • Weight: 100 g
  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 8 x 2.8 cm


  • Free set-up terminal on PC (USB and Bluetooth)
  • Free Android apps (Bluetooth)
  • Firmwares provided for all size helicopters, quads and planes
  • Cable and USB adapter provided
  • Free updates
  • 3M very high bond, double sided pad
  • * LIMITED! * 3 bottom case colors provided for free

Introducing the NEURON stabilizer Tiny in size, Big on speed

Ultimate Stabilization System for helicopters, multi-rotors and planes.
Designed for all pilots to improve flight enjoyment and machine performance.
One of the big challenges for the new NEURON was to transform the complexity into the simple, and we succeeded. Electronics architecture and algorithms have been fully designed and developed by our engineers in our office in France. NEURON guarantees you the best stabilization system for each platform types.
In fact, no rival offers more performance and sensations.
NEURON ensure all pilots an ultra-smooth flight feeling, it brings you the awesome sentiment of being directly connected to your machine.
Fast and secure, NEURON is the best choice to stabilize your helicopters, multi-rotors and planes.
The three specifics softwares are provided. Change the firmware as many times as you want and use your NEURON on all your RC models.
NEURON allows all pilots to obtain the best from their machines safely.
Enjoy the unique NEURON’s flights experience.


9 Axis gyro system
Very small and light
Breakthrough new algorithms
Ultra-fast calculations
Unique performance and new flight feel
New rescue mode with pitch management
Dynamic select: three predefined flight types
Setup and tuning as simple as possible
Receiver auto-configuration
RPM Governor auto-configuration
Supports all cyclic servos
Supports all tail servos

9 axis gyro system for Multi-rotors
Breakthrough stabilization algorithms
Specifically developed for Multi-rotors
Remarkable reliability and stability
Self-leveling flight stabilization
Setup and tuning as simple as possible
Software user interface is adapted to Multi-rotors
Supports all ESC’s

9 axis gyro system for all types of RC airplane
4 channels (2 ailerons, 1 elevator and a rudder)
Advanced specific algorithms for planes
Provides extreme stability and smooth flight
Automatically maintains heading and altitude
Removes effects of Wind
Simplifys all flight sequences
Simplifys acrobatic tricks
Automatic torque roll mode
Gives confidence to beginners
Facilitate Learning
Setup and tuning as simple as possible
Software user interface is adapted to planes


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