Heavy Duty Alu Heckabstützung T-REX 700

empfohlen bei hartem 3D Flug - die hochwertige CNC Alu Heckabstützung für deinen TREX 700...

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LX0265 is design for T-Rex 700 Electric and Nitro Helicopters

Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking for a better way of doing things.

The boom supports are stressed very hard during flight. With vibrations form the tail drive system and tail loads during 3D flight, the standard boom supports are a weak point on the helicopter.


Lynx tested many systems of construction for these boom supports to ensure they were the best possible. The final solution from Lynx is a combination of high quality materials and different mechanical fixation at the ends.

Lynx has produced a solid 6mm diameter “high pressure” (molded at several atmospheres) carbon rod that is potted with high quality epoxy into strong aluminum 7075 terminals, and then everything clamped using a M2.5mm hex cap screw.

The combination of epoxy and clamping make the lynx boom brace durable without compromise.


Rod material: Solid 6mm diameter “high pressure” carbon rod – a process of production that increases carbon fiber cohesion and strength

Terminal material: Aluminum 7075-T6

Terminal installation holes: 4mm

Screw material: Carbon steel class 12.9

Assembly weight: 68.76g - 2pcs

Packing list:

2 x boom support assemblies

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