SAB Einziehbares Landegestell (elektrisch) - Goblin COMET

Upgrade- Einziehbares Landegestell (Set mit Elektronik) - für noch mehr Topspeed und Aerodynamik ...

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H0742-K - SAB Goblin COMET Upgrade Retractable landing gear unit

Its a superb electric unit to help you streamline your commet even further !!h0742-k-goblin-retractable-landing-gear-comet.jpg

This KIT was designed to replace the standard landing gear contained in GOBLIN COMET KIT.

  • Any standard landing gear acts like an airborne brake.
  • To get the best performance, the landing gear must retract into the fuselage.
  • This KIT uses an electric motor that powers the landing gear allowing full retract.....

The device functions just like a servo.

  • You will need to use a receiver channel and combine it with an on-off switch
  • powered directly from the receiver channel (7.4V).
  • With a 0-100 signal, you can control the extension and retraction of the landing gear.

1 x Main module set
1 x Electric Unit
1 x Retract Landing Gear Red
2 x Socket Head Cap Screw M3x8
4 x Flat Head Cap Screw M3x8

Use for :
- Goblin Comet

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