CNC Hauptzahnrad 121 Zähne M0.6 T-REX 450

Tuning Hauptzahnrad (CNC) Modul 0,6 121 Zähne für deinen T-REX 450

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Finally available for your T-Rex 450 the helicoidally “Slant” Main Gear.

Here at Lynx Heli Innovations we are helicopter pilots and fly the same models you do.

From our test experience we decided to design a CNC Slant Main Gear for T-Rex 450 and made it suitable for serius 3D maneuvers.

Our Main Gear design goal was: reduce transmission noise, increase the resistance and combine those specifications with the best quality and fine tolerance part.

By combining our engineering and helicopter experience we have designed special Slant Main Gear that answer to our entire design request and future more is 100% compatible with std. heli parts.

Lynx T-Rex 450 Slant Main Gear is produced by CNC operation, using a techno-polymer material with auto-lube features to assure maximum load and friction resistance.



-        Silent transmission - Thrue and perfect Geometry Tollerances

-        Smooth and Vibes reduction, increase the FBL control and heli fly precision.

-        Incredible spam life resistance.

-        Direct replacement for your T-Rex 450.



-         Main Gear Material:  Techno-Polymer base POM.

-         Number of Thoth: 121 Mod. 0.6

-         Weight: 13.2g


1 x T-Rex 450 Slant Main Gear

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