Lynx CNC ALU Heckblatthalter Silber - 130X

edle doppelt Kugelgelagerte CNC Heckblatthalter für deinen 130X - ein Must Have Artikel!

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Lynx Heli Innovations has reengineered our original upgraded 7075 aluminum tail blade grips, now using double radial bearings instead of a single bearing.  Double bearings in the tail grips limit the looseness on the tail shaft for smoother more precise responding tail rotor pitch control.  Having more bearings increases wear and impact resistance.  Anything that can be done to remove unwanted slop or free play in the tail is a high priority for a vibration free, stable flying 130X.

Our tail grip design integrates added weight positioned very close the tail shaft hub rotation center.  This reduces servo load providing faster tail response, less vibration and increased tail servo life.

For best results, we recommend reducing the tail/rudder (blue) gyro gain 2-3 clicks left.

*Double bearing tail grips must be used with double bearing tail shaft.


Double bearings increase smoothness, tail response and reduced vibration.
Preassembled with thread lock on linkage balls and pre-lubricated bearing.
Integrated weight to reduce servo load.
Final Elements Analysis used to achieve the lightest weight and maximum strength.
Tail Grip material: Aluminum 7075-T6 - anodized finish.
Radial Bearings: 1.5x4x1.12 - ABEC5 - Made in Japan.
Linkage Balls: Stainless Steel for durability and wear resistance.
Assembly weight:  0.85 g.
Spare parts for LX0804 & LX0805 combo.

2 x 130 X – CNC Double Bearing Tail Grips V2 - Silver
2 x Linkage Ball 1.5x2 M1.2
4 x 1.5x4x1.12 Radial Bearing
2 x 1.5x2.4x0.15 brass shim/washer (between double bearings)
4 x 1.5x2.4x0.3 brass shim/washer (on tail shaft 2x between hub and each bearing)
2 x M1.4x6 Pan Head Screw Silver

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