Lynx Carbon Stahl Hauptrotorwellenset / Carbon Steel Main Shaft Set - 200SRX / 200S

extrem leichte und feste / steife Tuninghauptrotorwelle für 200SRX/200S

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Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking for a better way of doing things.
Using the finest precision, high quality CNC finish, Lynx has produced our hardened carbon steel main shaft for the 200SRX.
The choice to use C40 carbon steel heat-treated to 50 Rockwell Hardness was used to achieve the highest strength.  This Carbon Steel has been tested in our spindles and because of its added hardness it can withstand minor crashes without damage or bending.
Lynx aims to fulfill all high performance needs for your 200SRX, without compromise.  Offering more choices to meet your preference:
- Carbon steel for highest strength/stiffness
- Carbon fiber for the ultimate lightweight
- Titanium for best ratio of strength and weight.

- Precise tolerances eliminate vibrations and increase fine control feeling.
- Direct replacement for standard 200SRX main shaft.
- Shaft material: C40 Carbon Steel, heat-treated to 50 Rockwell Hardness.
- Screw material:  Zinc-plated steel - DIN 7985
- Final Elements Analysis used to achieve the lightest weight and maximum strength.
- Assembly weight: 4.2g.

1 x 200SRX Carbon Steel main shaft
1 x Main Shaft Collar
2 x Set Screw M3x3
1 x Hex Cup Screw M2x8
1 x Hex Cup Screw M2x10

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