Lynx CNC Alu Heckrotor Einheit - Rot - 300X

Edel Tuning für deinen 300X

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Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned the standard 300 X tail blade hub assembly, using aluminum alloy, steel, different bearing assembly and special anti vibration features.
Our tail grip are weighted with integrated CNC weigh, positioned very close the tail shaft rotation center, in order to increase efficiency and reduce vibes.

The counter couple weights are sized to reduce the servo load during fly, giving faster tail response, less vibration and increase tail servo longevity.

After many flights, testing different tail grip design and bearing system, we discovery that thrust bearing was the cause of vibes when high head speed was set. The reason of those vibrations is because the thrust bearing system need longer tail grip.

300X Lynx tail rotor hub have double radial bearing 3x6 w2 in order to get the shorter tail grip.

That system was over tested and approved to assure smoothness and precision functions without vibes, even when fly at very high head speed.

Special Vibes Absorber O-Ring system that pre compress the radial bearing are used to reduce play and vibration.

Calibrated counterbalanced cavity in the tail Hub assures the perfect assembly balancing.

The details and design of these tail grips add top performance in your 300X tail system.

We spent hours optimizing the design to achieve the required strength with a final weight beyond compromise. We are pilots, we expect from our upgrade a better performance.


- Direct replacement for the standard 300 X tail parts.
- Increase tail response and reduce vibration.
- Preassembled with lock thread and greased bearing.
- SST linkage balls to assure durability and wear resistance
- Integrated CNC counter balance weight to reduce servo load during fly maneuvers, giving faster tail response, less vibration and increase tail servo longevity.
- Counterbalanced Hub for the ultimate smoothness and vibe free operation.

- Designed and tested with very high head speed, (over 4000 rpm).

- FEA (Final Elements Analysis) design assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.

- Tail Grip material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – red anodized finish.
- Bearing Material: Chrome Steel – ABEC5
- Linkage Ball Material: SST
- Assembly weight: 4.8g

- 1 x 300 X – CNC Tail Blade Hub factory assembly – Red color.

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