Lynx Hauptrahmenversteifung - 450X

mehr Stabilität und Festigkeit für deinen Blade 450X ...

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The 450X is an amazing 450 class RTF helicopter. Lynx has looked closely at the helicopter’s performance, and we have found a number of areas for improvement. One issue we noted was the standard Heli frame and main shaft flex under fly condition, generating vibes and unnecessary stress that become serious main shaft and vibration issue.

After many design concept tests we choose the actual one: a super stiff CF plate that with special aluminum thread rods and screws  fit in the standard frame like a glove, once installed become parts of the frame, giving the strength and rigidly that your 450X always looking for.

You will be amazed to feel the incredible frame stiffener difference and amazed to see your Heli fly without any vibration even with standard extra heavy wooden main blade.  An incredible and necessary upgrade for your 450X Heli

- Ultimate design to fit in the standard frame becoming parts of it, assuring the maximum stiffener and support
- 3K Carbon Fiber plate for the best shock and torsion resistance
- Extra frame rigidly for the smooth and crispy fly performance, even extreme 3D fly condition with powered motor
- Easy and quick installation thanks special Lynx design

- Stiffener Plate Material: Pure Carbon Fiber 3K  1 mm thickness
- Frame Pins Material:  Aluminum 6061-T6 – Silver anodized finish
- Hardware: 12.9 Class Carbon Steel
- Assembly Set Weight: 7.95g
- Difference Weight once installed: 5.5g (Std. 450X frame screw will replaced by Lynx kit one)

- 1 x 450X CF Frame Plate
- 1 x Aluminum Doubled pin mounts
- 7 x Aluminum Pin 3,6x8
- 9 x Hex Cup Screw M1.6x16
- 9 x Hex PAN Head M1.6 x 3 Screw Silver
- 2 x Hex Cup Screw M2x8
- 2 x Washer M2

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