LYNX Ultra DFC Umrüstset / Conversion Set - ROT - 360CFX

DFC Umrüstset für deinen 360CFX für noch bessere Performance - Tipp

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Lynx Heli redefined the standard 360 CFX headby introducing our Direct Flight Control System.lynxheli-logo-2.jpg

  • In a unique, innovative and simple design, we created the ultimate DFC main rotor head for your 360 CFX.
  • Lynx spent time optimizing and flight-testing our DFC system to assure locked-in flight control, as well as superior crash resistance.
  • Specially designed adjustable DFC rods form a more rigid connection between the swash plate and main grips, while also providing a robust swash driving function.
  • In order to empathize the DFC feeling, Lynx 360 CFX DFC conversion, come with a set of Lynx Rigid Ultra Dampeners.
  • Thanks to this compilation of improvements, all stick inputs routed through the FBL unit are transmitted more accurately and quickly to the main blades, increasing cyclic precision and responsiveness to provide the ultimate 3D performance capability.
  • Our 360 CFX DFC conversion is lightweight, simple and efficient by design, achieving the best flying experience with the lowest part count.

- DFC System on your 360 CFX
- Ultra rigidity for insane high head speed 3d.
- Optimized lightweight design, rigid and precise flight control.
- Super precise in flight and ultra-strong in case of crashes.
- Direct replacement for standard 360 CFX parts.
- Fully serviceable with convenient spare parts support.
- FEA (Finite Element Analysis) assisted design for lightweight and maximum strength.
- Aluminum 7075 - Anodized
- Bearing material: Chrome Steel Alloy - ABEC 5 precision class - Made in Japan
- Hardware Material: Carbon Steel
1 x Set 360 CFX DFC Conversion Head System
1 x Set 360 CFX DFC Lynx Ultra Dampeners



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