Lynx Titanium Gestänge Set - 550X

perfektes und sinnvolles Tuning für deinen 550X

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Lynx Heli Innovations always look forward for innovative and high quality parts for your favorite Heli.

Lynx propose alternative 550 X Main Grip Pitch Rod and Cyclic Servo Titanium Turneboucle combo Set.

Using lightweight and strongest Titanium Grade 6 we realize this Turnbuckle Titanium rod by CNC operation with special square insert that increase rod resistance and made pitch  adjustment incredible easy.

Lynx also offer a specific tools LX0117 Rod Key 3.25mm, designed as universal tools for all different Lynx titanium turnbuckle rod.   


-         Strong turnbuckle design with oversized rod diameter and built-in square insert made the rod extra stiff and easy to adjust.

-         Best compromise of lightweight and strength thanks Titanium Grace 6 material specification.

-         Direct replacement for the standard 550 X part.

-         Optional LX0117 universal Lynx rod key tool for fast and precise fine adjustment.

-         FEA (Final Elements Analysis) assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.


-         Turnbuckle Rod Material: Titanium Grade 6

-         Single Pitch Rod Weight: 1.05g

-         Single Cyclic Rod Weight: 0.45g


-         2 x 550 X Titanium Pitch Rod Turnbuckle Rod

-         3 x 550 X Titanium Cyclic Servo Turnbuckle Rod

Plastic Linkage Note:

Lynx don’t support Plastic Linkage. Lynx 550 X turnbuckle rods are designed to fit perfectly in new as used standard 550 x plastic linkage.

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