Ultra Landegestell Silber Profil 2 - MCPX BL

Tuning Carbon / Alu Landegestellset für deinen MCPX BL

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Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned the standard MCPX-BL landing gear using Carbon Fiber Skids and Aluminum Skid Mount.

This combination offer High-tech looking and lightweight parts. Large skids profiles are available to personalize your MCPX-BL looking.

Micro helicopter upgrades can be a trap; often they look nice but do little for function, and only add weight.

We spent time optimizing the design and fly testing to achieve the required strength with a final weight beyond compromise.

We are pilots, and we demand a light helicopter.

Lynx MCPX-BL  Ultra Landing Gear the new frontier of lightweight and innovative design.


- Carbon Fiber Skids and Aluminum Skid Mount for the best compromise of High-tech design, straight and lightweight

- Large skids profiles are available to personalize your MCPX-BL looking

- Direct replacement of std plastic landing gear

- Redesigned Battery Support with special self compression spring lips, for the best battery hold and easy operation.


- Skids Material: Carbon Fiber 3K

- Landing Gear Support: Aluminum 6061-T6

- Battery Support: POM White Color

- Hardware: Chrome Steel

- Assembly weight: 1.45g


- 2 x CF Skids

- 2 x Aluminum CNC Landing Gear Support

- 1 x POM CNC Battery support

- 4 x M1.2x3 PAN Head Screw

- 2 x M1.2x6 PAN Head Screw

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