Lynx Blattlagerwellenschlüssel 3 / 4 mm

geniales Werkzeug zum fixieren der Blattlagerwelle, durch eingebautes Freilauflager... 3-4 mm Spindle Shaft Wrench, Assembly

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Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking for a better way of doing things.

Lynx design a series of One Way Wrench tools suitable for all different Spindle Shaft diameters. This tool is really usefully once in case of maintenance both sides of screws need removed. Lynx wrench is a combination of innovative design and high quality material.

Available size:

1- LX0362 - 3 and 4 mm Spindle Diameter

2- LX0170 - 4 and 6 mm Spindle Diameter

3- LX0169 - 8 and 10 mm Spindle Diameter


-  Support and help Spindle Shaft screw assembly and disassembly

-  Easy and quick use thanks special Lynx ergonomics design


- Wrench Material: Aluminum 7075T6 – Silver Color anodized

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