Freilauflauger Set inkl. CNC Hauptzahnrad 136 Zähne - 300 X

3D Power Tuning für Blade 300X - One Way Hub Assembly - Combo with CNC 136T Slant Main Gear

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LX0324 is a combo pre assembled of LX0674 One Way Hub Assembly and LX0330 - 300 X - CNC Slant Main Gear 136T 

Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking toward new ideas and solutions that really do something… and has designed 300X super precise and strong one way system.

Once we start this project long time ago, we just focus on the One Way operation, and we design it to be suitable for hard 3D flying,  than later one once the sample test comes severe, we discovery that the harder job of the system doesn’t was in the air, but.. in case of crash. The first design was great in fly but the one way bearing was too small and easy, too easy destroy in case of crash.

That test was really important and we restart from scratch the whole design.  Actual system use big size one way bearing HF0612 and reinforced one way sleeve.

We reproduce in aluminum CNC the tail pulley to assure the best concentricity revolution removing any wobble.

One of the best improvements of this one way system, over the autorotation effect, comes from the one ways sleeve that is made by hardened carbon steel.

The sleeve fit precisely and support the main shafts were is more fragile because the Jesus hole position.

Our test show that that sleeve increase dramatically the main shaft resistance avoiding the easy intra frame bending that cause lower frames vibes and premature failures.

This high-tech and precise assembly will change the feeling of the 300X Heli, adding smoothness and vibe free rotation.

Specifically design for who need of serious power performance, will also support who just want fly and enjoy the 300X for long time sport or training fly.



- Direct replacement for the standard 130X main gear hub, introducing One Way System.

- Designed to work with Standard or Lynx Slant Main Gear

- Reinforced One Way Sleeve support precisely the main shaft increasing the global resistance..

- Aluminum CNC tail belt pulley for a precise and vibe free transmission.

- Easy main gear replacement thanks standard Hex Cup Screw without system disassembly.

- Included extra set of Jesus bolt set for your convenience.

- One Way Hub System pre assembled with necessary fine adjustment shims spacer to remove any vertical play, ready to use, PNP feature.

- Pre assembled Lynx Slant Main Gear, ready to use, PNP feature.

- FEA (Final Elements Analysis) design assisted, resulting in lightweight and maximum strength.



- Main Gear Hub Materials: Aluminum 7075-T6 – Silver anodized finish

- Tail Belt Pulley Material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – Silver anodized finish

- One Way Sleeve Material: Hardened Carbon Steel.

- One way Bearing: High Precision SST – Made Japan

- Fine adjustment shims spacer Material: Brass

- Screw material: 12.9 Carbon steel

- CNC Slant Main Gear Material: Techno Polymer Base POM




- 1 x 300X – One Way Hub System – Factory pre assembled and fine adjusted – ready to use.

- 4 x M2x6 Hex Cup Screw

- 2 x M2x 12 Hex Cap Screw (one as spare)

- 2 x M2 Self Lock Nut (one as spare)

- 1 x LX0330 - 300 X - CNC Slant Main Gear 136T 

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