Lynx 3-Blatt Rotorkopf Set - Goblin Fireball

CNC Alu 3-Blatt Rotorkopf Set von Lynx - für extreme 3D Manöver, einzigartigem Sound und Design, Lieferung ohne Blätter ...

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LynxLynx 3Blatt Kopf Set - Fireball 280

- Lynx Heli Innovations offer Cube Blade Head System for Goblin Fireball 280. -

Simple and stronger deign assure the best efficacy…
…. Hard to say which system is the best for the Fireball 280: Two Blade Standard or the new Lynx Cube Blade System”…
- The Lynx Fireball 280 Cube Blade System increases the cyclic response,
- giving a better FBL control and reduce drastically the disc loading and the main disc lock effect.
- These effects support pilots that like modify the behavior of the Fireball from sedate to very aggressive, just changing the head speed.”

- Direct replacement for Fireball 280.lynx-fireball-280-3blade.jpg
- New and different way to fly your Fireball 280
- Lightweight Fly Feeling thanks a dramatically disc loading reduction.
- Design based on OXY 3 experience, is easy to build and repair in case of crash.

- Increased cyclic and collective response.
- Unique look and fly sound.
- System come with all components necessary to transform your Fireball 280 in a new fly machine,
  you just need add the Cube Main Blade option available
- Fully spare parts availability for easy fix after crash.
- Detailed user manual, for easy assembly and service.

Packing list Fireball 280 Cube Head System Main Head – To assembly – Including:

  • 1 x Main Shaft + Adjustment Shims and Hardware.lx2652-lynx-3blades-rotorhead-fireball-280.jpg
  • 2 Set Adjustable Servo to Swashplate Rod with Linkage.
  • 1 x Cube Swashplate – Black Color.
  • 1 x Center Hub – Black Color.
  • 3 x Spindle.
    3 x Main Grip – Black Color.
  • 3 x DFC Rod – Technopolymer with Linkage.
  • 1 x Long CNC Aluminum Front Servo Support – Black Color.
  • 1 x 7mm Toll-Key for Spindle Service.
  • 1 x 3D Printed Blade Holder.

We believe after many hours of testing with different configuration,
- FBL set up and head speed, that the Cube Head System on the Fireball 280 has better performance for all style of fly:
- increase the rotor efficiency and optimize reducing dramatically the disc loading.
- All that give a better performance on fly with the feeling of a lighter Heli, compare the standard two blade system,
  similar on a Stretched Heli but with the possibility to use it at low or high head speed and get the best compromise
  of agility and stability without kill the power system and keeping reasonable fly time sections. 

Follow user manual for more information of final assembly.
Cube Head System need a different FBL set up compare the two Head.
Compare the Two FBL setting, need a considerable different Cyclic Gain approach.
Elevator PID values, that in normal two head system have higher value compare the Aileron PID values, in the Cube Head the Elevator and Aileron all PID value need be set with same values.
Also Cyclic Main Gain need be reduced approx 30% compare the two head system, BUT because is depending on your final set up RPM, Fly Style and Main Blade used, is impossible for us give the correct value.
We suggest to follow our basic suggest, test carefully on first fly and adjust Cyclic Gain on the limit of overshooting behavior and then reduce few %.  Style and Rolls Speed also need tested per your actual two head setting and eventually adjusted for your preference.

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