Lynx 3er Ritzel Set (16-17-18 Zähne) - MINI PROTOS

CNC Tuning Ritzel 3 Stück (16, 17, 18 Zähne) für deinen Mini Protos

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Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking for a better way of doing things.
Lynx redesign the standard Mini Protos motor pinion, and offer an alternative pinion made by solid and hardened carbon steel.
We decided this different solution, that suppress the one way function,  in order to offer a pinion,  without any compromise or load and wear resistance.
Small details make an important difference; FEA analysis software give us the support to determinate the best compromise between weight and stiffener, in order to assure the best fly performance without add any unnecessary weight.

- 100% compatible with standard Mini Protos parts.
- Super Precise CNC pinion tooth cut for the smooth transmission
- Solid Carbon Steel Material to assure the maximum torque and wear resistance.
- Easy and quick installation.

- Pinion  Material: Carbon Steel – Hardened 40 HRC
- 1 x Mini Protos Solid Steel pinion 16T
- 1 x Mini Protos Solid Steel pinion 17T
- 1 x Mini Protos Solid Steel pinion 18T
- 6 x Set Screw M3x3

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