Lynx Alu Zentralstück Rot mit Titanium Hauptrotorwelle - Nano CPX

präziseres, stabileres und direkteres fliegen jetzt endlich mit diesen Tuningparts für deinen Nano CPX

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Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned the standard Nano CPX plastic Head Center Hub, using aluminum alloy, and we combo with Titanium Lynx Main Shaft.

This micro part assembly will add precision and shock resistance to your Nano CPX heli.

Why Lynx sale the Head Center Hub in combo with the main shaft??

During out intensive design test we immediately discovery a weak and dangerous point once Aluminum CNC center Hub are installed into standard Nano CPX main shaft.

Standard main shaft is designed to fit into plastic hub and have two parallel slots that fit and lock the rotation in the plastic hub. Those surfaces are NOT designed to fit in the CNC center hub and can compromise the assembly lock with risk of dangerous center hub in-fly disassembly.

For us security first and we design a special shaft for CNC center hub.

Lynx shaft is specifically designed for Lynx Head Center Hub and have special slot that assure the clamp and the perfect lock assembly. Pictures below had shown the difference between Lynx special shaft and standard main shaft slots.

Micro helicopter upgrades can be a trap – often they look nice but do little for function, and only add weight.

We spent time optimizing the design and fly testing to achieve the required strength with a final weight beyond compromise. We are pilots, and we demand a light helicopter.

Details and design combined with strength, durability, accurate CNC tolerances, finish, and most important lightweight, will increase and assure flight precision, flight after flight, adding top performance in your Nano.

Lynx Nano upgrade design the new frontier of lightweight and high precision upgrade parts for sub micro helicopters.


-         Precision and higher tensile stretch increase fly precision and parts durability

-         Direct replacement for the standard Nano part

-         Lynx shaft specially designed for CNC Center Hub clamp and best assembly lock.

-         Special set combo Head Center Hub with Main Shaft for the best in-fly user security.

-         FEA (Final Elements Analysis) assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.


-         Head Center Hub Material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – Silver anodized finish

-         Main Shaft material: Titanium G6

-         Main Shaft Collar Material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – Silver anodized finish

-         Hardware Material: Carbon Steel

-         Assembly weight: (Head Center Hub Assy: 0.41g + Main shaft Assy 0.69g ) – Tot.: 1.10g


-         1 x Nano CPX CNC Head Center Hub – Silver anodize

-         1 x Nano CPX Lynx Main Shaft Titanium with Collar assembled

-         3 x Pan Head screw M1.4x3 (2 assembled + 1 as spare part)

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