Lynx Carbon Stahl Ultra Hauptrotorwellen Set - 300X (-5mm)

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Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking for a better way of doing things.

Using the finest precision high quality CNC finish, Lynx has produced a Carbon Steel, special edition main shaft for the 300X Low Profile, shorter 5 mm to increase the agility, particolary when DFC head is used.

Our Low Profile main shaft was designed to work on DFC conversion head, but  can used with standard head as well, just you need to resize the leght of the rods.

If you choose to use this short shaft with standard head, is enoght short the 2 x pitch rod 2.5 mm and the 3 x servo rod 2.5 mm to compensate the lenght difference.

In case you choose the DFC conversion, you just need to shorten the 3 x servo rod 2.5 mm, the difference is compensate by Lynx DFC head conversion.


We chose Carbon Steel followed by dedicated Thermal Treatment to achieve the higher strength module.

Lynx knows that the 300X is a high performance helicopter, requiring some serious main shaft specifications, without compromise.

Jesus diameter holes was revised to get a precise fitting with the M2 Jesus screw, Main shaft was also revised removing the Set Screw collar socket, this change increase the main shaft section and the resistance.

Small details make an important difference.

This main shaft will be a perfect upgrade for a ultimate power set-up in your 300X.


- Replacement part for standard 300 X Heli main shafts, introducing a new low profile set-up.

- Lower CG set-up for a quick heli were is request.

- Increased strength module; incredible hard and stiff.

- Increased geometrically tolerance precision to eliminate any vibes.

- Precise Jesus Screw holes fitting increase the shaft resistance and reduce play

- Revised design without main shaft collar socket, increased shaft resistance.

- Revised Heavy Duty main shaft collar for the ultimate lock and strong assembly.

- Set includes parts and hardware necessary for installation and maintenance.


Main shaft material: Carbon Steel C40 + Thermal Treatment to 50 HRC Hardness

Main shaft collar material: Carbon Steel

Screw material:  Chrome steel—DIN 7985

Assembly weight: 9g (when assembled on Heli)

PACKING LIST:                                        

2 x 300X Carbon Steel Main shaft - Low Profile Head (-5mm)

1 x Heavy Duty main shaft collar

2 x Set Screw M3x3

2 x M2x10 Hex Cap Screw (for Head Center Hub side).

2 x M2x12 Hex Cap Screw (for Main Gear Hub side).

4 x Self Lock Nut M2

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