Lynx Carbon Ultra Landegestell Rot - TREX 550E-600E

edles Must Have Tuning Alu / Carbon Landegestell für deinen TREX 550E-600E

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Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned and improved the standard T-Rex 550/600 plastic landing gear using a combination of 7075 aluminum alloy support and pure 3K carbon fiber skids. Designing the new landing gear we change the profile and the landing angle, this new profile will lift the tail case up and give a new sport racing look, Your T-Rex 550E/600E will not look anymore the same!

Skids are available with different cutting profile, giving more esthetical options.

- Direct replacement for the standard T-Rex 550E/600E landing gear.
- CNC Landing gear support increase frame stiffener, with incredible hard landing resistance.
- Aggressive sport racing look and super low profile.
- Angled landing profile will lift up the tail case increasing tail rotor safety clearance and giving a sick look to your Heli.
- Replaceable landing skids, Available different cutting profile options.
- FEA (Final Elements Analysis) design assisted, resulting in lightweight and maximum strength.

- Landing Gear Support Materials: Aluminum 7075-T6 – anodized finish
- Landing Gear Skids and Stiffeners Material: 3K carbon fiber 3 mm thickness
- Screw material: 12.9 Carbon steel
2 x T-Rex 550E/600E – CNC Landing Gear Support - Red
2 x T-Rex 550E/600E – Landing Gear Skids - 3K carbon fiber
4 x Stiffener tabs, 3K carbon fiber
8 x M3x10 Bottom Hex Cup Screw
4 x M3x10 Hex Cap Screw

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