Lynx Heckrotorwelle V2 - 130X

New material shaft for the ultimate rigidity and constant bearing assembly.

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Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned the standard 130X tail shaft and tail hub. Our design is different, and not just a replica of the original part.

The V2 Edition replaces the older version and adds some extra features as:

- New material shaft for the ultimate rigidity and constant bearing assembly.

- Sale in combo with Tail case Gear spacer and tail shaft stopper

- Direct replacement for the standard 130X.
- Special carbon steel with high tensile stretch characteristics increases stiffener and reduces in flight bending,  15% stiff compare the V1.
- Special hub diameter increases the bonding surface and gives better alignment for geometrical shaft position
- Precise shaft finish and tolerance assures shaft surface longevity and precise bearing fit
- Reduced vibration and increased tail system performance
- Preassembled with Lynx LX5648 bonding compound
- FEA (Final Elements Analysis) assisted design, to achieve the lightest weight with maximum strength.

- Tail shaft and tail hub material: Special carbon steel – high tensile stretch – 15% higher than previous V1 
- Assembled weight: 0.7g

- 1 x 130 X – Tail shaft, factory assembled

- 2 x Pan Head Screw M1x3 Silver and Brass Shims (Used for tail grip assembly)

- 1 x Aluminum Tail case gear spacer – Silver anodized finish

- 1 x Tail Shaft Stopper – Silver anodized finish with necessary hardware

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