Lynx Stretch - Super Combo - Rot - 275mm Rotorblätter - 300X

Stretche deinen 300X auf 275mm Hauoptrotorblätter!

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The SUPER COMBO support you all the parts needed for the complete and deeply 300X transform, including Lynx 275mm Plastic Main Blade.

IMPORTANTR NOTE: Lynx 300X Stretch Kit can used with Standard 245 mm Main Blade to increase the tail authority, but  using 275 mm Main Blade we have the best fly performance. Super Combo is the best selection of Lynx upgrade combined with Lynx Plastic 275 mm Main Blade.

Main reason of the super combo is offer with a convenient cost all the component to transform completely your 300X to a higher level of performance.

For the first test, we suggest to set the Head Speed not over 3500 max and then later on adjusting following your behaviors. The most important suggestion we can give you is to get your desiderate head speed working on the gear ration changing motor KV or pinion and not in the throttle curve that should be not lower than 70% to get the best power

Stretching the 300X to 275 mm Main Blade the rotor disc surface will increasing up 15% in surface.

Lynx upgrade design: the new frontier of innovative, lightweight and high precision upgrade parts for your helicopters..


Lynx introduce stretch kit for your 300X
Direct replacement and improvement for your 300X.
Incredible big size feeling, increased visibility and fly precision.
25 mm longer tail boom for increased tail authority
Optimized lightweight design.
Optimized extended tail boom support design that increase tail boom rigidity
At lower head speed 300X will result more stable and more visible, perfect for newbie practice
At higher head speed 300X become a beast for agility and pops, and super stable in the high speed fly, perfect for the adrenaline dependent...
Design assisted by FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to achieve light weight and maximum strength.


1 x Set Lynx Plastic Main Blade 275mm -  LX62758

1 x Set 300X Lynx Ultra dampeners.

1 x 300X Tail Boom Stretch 1-9 X 309mm

1 x 300X Tail Belt Stretch B-390-MXL

1 x 300X Tail Push Rod M1.6x40

1 x Set 300X Extended Heavy Duty Boom Support – Red Terminal

1 x Set 300X Heavy Duty Tail Boom Clamp – Red

1 x Set 300X Frame Plate Stiffener

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