Lynx Ultra DFC Arm Set - Silber - T-REX 450 L / PRO

CNC Alu DFC Arme für deinen TREX 450 - chices und wichtiges Tuning...-

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Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned the standard T-Rex 450 DFC arm increasing fly and crash resistance.

Lynx DFC arm is a composition of 2 parts: a strong and hard to damage CNC aluminum arm and a steel rod that will bent and absorb crash energy shock.

These parts are assembled with a M2.5 mm thread to assure the best resistance.

Lynx know that 3D Heli “some time” crash and our DFC design was designed and tested thinking of that situation to.

For you convenience Lynx offers the combo set and a spare bag for the best and quick service.

For whom looking over some different and strong T-Rex 450 DFC arm now have options over the standard.


- Direct replacement for the standard T-Rex 450 L / Pro head parts.

- Factory pre assembly for the easy plug and play

- Increased crash resistance.

- Sacrificial Steel Rod to absorb crash energy shock.

- Easy service replacement.

- Colored options

- Radial bearing ABEC 5 class assures the best free-rotation and free-play.

- FEA (Final Elements Analysis) design assisted, resulting in lightweight and maximum strength.



- DFC Arm Material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – Silver anodized finish.

- DFC Rod Material: Chrome Steel

- Bearing material: Chrome Steel – ABEC5

- Screw material: Carbon Steel Class 12.9 


- 2  x T-Rex450 L / Pro – Ultra DFC Arms - factory pre assembled – silver color.

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