Carbon Heckfinne - Logo 500

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Lynx Heli Innovations have re-designed the vertical fine. Using specialized airflow analysis software (the very same software we used for the highly popular Lynx Turbo Fan), we have found that the airflow efficiency of a standard stock fin could be greatly improved. Our new design not only looks better, but also provides functional benefits in flight.

Lynx Vertical Fin Design Features:

The vertical fin surface area is smaller when compared to standard vertical fin shapes, offering less air drag, less airflow turbulence, and greater tail rotor efficiency & performance.

The fin position is moved forward, so is less obstructive to tail rotor airflow, increasing tail efficiency.

3K Carbon Fiber – 1.5 mm thick

Precision CNC machined 7075T6 Aluminum

Package Contents:
1 x Vertical fin Logo 500 – 3K Carbon
2 x CNC aluminum spacer bushings 3x6.5x4.5 – anodized black
1 x CNC aluminum spacer bushing 3x6.5x9.5 – anodized black

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