Lynx Tuning Hauptzahnrad - Logo 700

7075 CNC Aluminum super precise and strong Center Hub with CNC POM Main Pulley

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Lynx Heli Innovations offer Logo 700 upgraded Front Main Pulley

Thanks cooperation with different internationals Test Pilot, Lynx come after may design and test with the solution awaited.

  • 7075 CNC Aluminum super precise and strong Center Hub with CNC POM Main Pulley.
  • Weighting few grams more than standard injected Main Pulley,
  • the Lynx one will assure absolute Main Shaft pinning fastening, avoiding potential disengage and tail lost with catastrophic result.

Tested with serious fly condition in many country and pilot, will assure vibes free tail transmission and solid Main Shaft Pin connection.lx2541-2.jpg
This upgrade maybe no necessary for some, but is the answer that Lynx gives to many worldwide customers and Logo 700 enthusiasts that request this upgrade.

- Direct replacement for Standard Logo 700 Front Main Pulley
- Super precise and vibe free tail transmission
- Solid, durable and thrusted Main Shaft Pin Connection
- Perfect upgrade for who get issue with the standard main pulley and request Lynx a solution

- Aluminum 7075 Center Hub and POM Main Pulley

1 x Logo 700 Front Main Pulley





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