Lynx 2mm G10 Hauptrahmen Gelb - Goblin 500

chices Tuning für deinen Goblin 500

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Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned the well know Goblin 500 main frame.

The main reason of Lynx G500 Ultra Main Frame is add extra rigidity to the assembly frame, in particular reduce the side frame deflection.
Lynx Ultra main frame is design for who request extreme fly and power condition.
Adding extra rigidity heli become more precise and feel crispy.
In our extended design testing we also got some crash that help us to define the weak point and made it stronger.
Our frame is 100% compatible with standard Goblin 500 components, but has a different cut and layout making it stronger.
We offer 3 different Thickness / Material / Color Option:
- Carbon Fiber 3K 1.5 mm Thickness - The best carbon fiber quality for the lighter Lynx Ultra Main Frame
- G10 Fiber - Yellow Neon Color - 2 mm Thickness - Incredible new look and visibility - perfect compromise between resistance and cost

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