Lynx GOBLIN 500 STRETCH KIT Auf 550 - Schwarz

GOBLIN 500 - 550 Stretch Tail Kit, bis zu 556mm Hauptrotor und 80mm Heckrotorblätter fliegen auf deinem Goblin 500 mit dem Lynx Stretch Kit ...

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GOBLIN 500 - 550 Stretch Tail Kit Black

Even spinning 470-500mm blades the SAB Goblin 500 is able to compete with larger 550 class helis.  Now you can step up, fill their shoes and leave them in your dust with the new Goblin 500 - 550 Stretch Tail Kit from Lynx Heli Innovations!

Features and Technical Specifications:
Up to 16% increase in main rotor disk area.
Increase main rotor length from 470-500mm up to 556mm.
Lightweight yet strong 7075 aluminum and 3K 2mm carbon fiber construction.
Tail fin shape and location optimized for efficient airflow.
Only 5 grams additional weight with stretch kit parts (*not including main rotors weight)
Preinstalled flange bearing and easy installation manual for 10 minute assembly time.
USA made high quality Gates belt.
Good center of gravity, but can be perfected with use of 5000mAh battery packs.
Unlock hidden potential in your SAB Goblin 500.

Decreased disk loading is one of the best upgrades to expand your flight envelope and performance capability.  With the Lynx Goblin 500 - 550 Stretch Tail Kit we have extended the usable range of main rotor blade options up to 556mm with 80mm tail blades (or 550mm main and 86mm tail blades).  Using longer main rotor blades not only increases the agility, speed and thrust potential but also adds a larger visual reference along with the floaty feeling, even when using 5000 mAh 6S batteries.  Swinging longer blades unlocks unknown potential allowing you to try new maneuvers with added stability and response.  Main rotor blades are not included in the stretch kit so you can pick your poison.

The Lynx Goblin 500 - 550 Stretch Tail Kit has been in testing with one of our German team pilots for more than a month, with over a hundred flights and even surviving a few crashes.  All to ensure the design and materials are more than strong enough to meet the need.  We carried over our past experience creating a unique vertical tail fin and tail case plate for the SAB Goblin 500 that allows for cleaner more efficient airflow-tail rotor thrust.  This new extended tail case is similarly constructed with carbon fiber side and top plates and black, red or silver anodized aluminum cross bracing for the best combination of strength, rigidity and lightweight .

Orange and yellow stickers are included to attach to the tail fin for brighter visual reference.  Preinstalled flange bearings in the CF side plates cut assembly time to as little as 10 minutes.  Our clever tail servo pushrod extension system allows you to stretch the standard pushrod without even removing or replacing it.  We supply you with a high quality made in USA Gates timing belt, providing an added sense of security and avoiding cheap poorly made belt.  Lynx Ultra Dampeners are also included for head speed above 2000 rpm. 

It’s like adding a turbo or supercharger kit to your car, if you continue the same routine your efficiency will increase.  The Lynx Goblin 500 - 550 Stretch Tail Kit allows you to choose a lower rpm and increased efficiency translating into longer flights times; or unleashing the inner beast, unlocking hidden power for even more intense smack flying where maximum pop is required.  Standard motor options and a 100A ESC can be used.  For absolute performance we suggest a 4125 with 1100/1200 kv motor and a 120A ESC.  We recommended you reduce the pitch travel by 1.5 degrees and work your way back up with more flight experience and confidence.

2 x G500 Stretch Tail Case Spacer
1 x G500 Tail Upper Case
1 x G500 Stretch Vertical Fin with Flanged Bearing installed
1 x G500 Stretch Tail Side Plate with Flanged Bearing installed
1 x G500 Stretch Tail Case Cover Plate
1 x G500 Stretch Tail Push Rod Extension Adapter (Thread Rod + Bushing)
12 x Hex Cup Screw M2.5 x 5
6 x Bottom Hex Cup Screw M2.5 x 6
1 x 1587-3M-4.5 / HTD Timing Belt – Gates brand – Made in USA
1 x Set G500 Lynx Ultra Dampeners
2 x Vertical Fin Sticker
2 x Vertical Fin Sticker


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