Lynx 3-Blatt Heckrotor Set - Goblin Fireball

Tuning! Qube 3-Blatt Heckrotorsystem für Goblin Fireball 280 aus CNC Alu ...

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Lynx 3-Blade Qube Tailrotor Combo - Goblin FireBall 280Lynx

  • The 3 Tail Blade system was designed to work with the 3 Main Blade Head System,
  • but can be used with a standard two blade, for increasing dramatically the Tail Holding in case of low Head Speed.

- Increased Tail efficiency
- Unique look and sound
- Direct replacement for Fireball 280.
- Different way to fly your Fireball 280, with incredible tail authority at any Head Speed.
- Easy to build and repair in case of crash thanks fully Spare Parts Availability.
- Increased Tail efficiency
- Unique look and sound
- (1) Set of 3 x Tail Blade Oxy 47 mm - Black
- (1) 3 Tail Blade Hub with Tail Grip and Shafts
- (1) 3 Tail Blade Pitch Slider
- (1) 3 Tail Bell Crank (Lynx OXY 3).
- (1) Bell Crank Support witch double Bearing Support.

  • The Lynx Heli Innovations Fireball 3 Tail Blade System Combo provides a simple, and strong deign to assure the best tail efficiency,
  • with improved tail response and holding for your standard Fireball 280 or witch Lynx 3 Main Blade Head System.

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