Manufacturer:Rotortech / Funkey

RotorTech ULTIMATE 700 Flybarless Main Blade Set

New Version of Rotortech 3D Ultimate, Länge: 700mm, Breite: 63mm, Anschluss 14mm, Loch: 5mm, Gewicht ca. 200g je Blatt....

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Eines der hochwertigsten CFK Rotorblätter am Markt, präzisionsgewuchtet!

RotorTech 700 mm Ultimate 3D Flybarless Carbon Fiber Main Blades


  • Length: 700mm
  • Width: 63mm
  • Grip: >=14mm
  • Hole: 5mm
  • Airfoil: Symmetrical
  • Tip: Angled
  • Make: Carbon Fiber
  • Common Application: 3D 700-800 / 60-90 Size & Gasser RC Helicopters.
Info about Fun-Key / RotorTech Blades:
  • Rotortech tail blades are known for their Quality and performance.
  • This is also a producer of major blades as Edge, Halo, Radix, Rail Blades, Switch Blades, XBlades, DH Blades ... and others.
  • Unmatched carbon fiber craftsmanship and quality.
  • Perfect spanwise and all Blades are precision balanced.


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