SAB MAIN BLADES S501 (500mm)

500mm, Main Blades New aerodynamics, new profiles, new construction philosophy. Length 500mm; Width 37/447mm; Root 10mm; Bolt Hole 4mm

- NEW @ WOH -
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NEW SAB S500 Main Blades: The Silent Power!

  • New aerodynamics, new profiles, new construction philosophy.sab-s501-rotorblaetter.jpg

The blade produce great power without the need to turn at high rpm.
Stable and precise, they are smooth and silent in all maneuvers.
This blade is the new standard for SAB!

Technical features:

  • Length: 500 mm
  • Width: 37/47 mm
  • Root: 10 mm
  • Bolt Hole: 4 mm





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