Goblin 630 - Competition Mechanik Conversion Kit

für alle Standard 630er Goblins welche auf die Competition Version umgerüstet werden sollen

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- Canopy Edge Protection x 1pc
- Quick Release Canopy x 2pcs
- DIN 12.9 Flat Head Socket Cap M3x8 x 2pcs
- Canopy Grommets x 2pcs
- Goblin 630 Competition Main Frame x 2pcs
- Carbon Fiber ESC Support x 1pc
- DIN 12.9 Flat Head Socket Cap M2,5x5 x 6pcs
- Secondary shaft M3 x 1pc
- DIN 12.9 Shoulder Socket Head Cap Screw M2.5x19 x 1pc
- Metric Hex NYLON Nuts M2,5 H3,5
- DIN 12.9 Socket Head Cap  M3x22 Shoulder x 1pc
- Metric hex locknut Nuts M3 H4 x 1pc
- Steel Pinion Z19 x 1pc
- Plastic landing Gear Support x 2pcs
- Carbon Fiber Landing Gear x 2pcs
- Aluminum M3 Washer x 8pcs
- DIN 12.9 Socket Head Cap M3x16 x 4pcs
- DIN 12.9 Socket Head Cap M3x12 x 4pcs
- Color Stickers for Landing Gear
- Aluminum Finishing Washers M3 x 14pcs
- DIN 12.9 Socket Head Cap M3x10 x 14pcs
- Velcro Battery Strap 315mm L 30mm W x 2pcs

Use for:

- Goblin 630 to convert to become Goblin 630 Competition

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