OS Powerboost Pipe 91

der Powerschalldämpfer aus dem Hause OS für den OS 91HZ-R / 91 HZ ..siehe Details

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This is the OS PowerBoost Exhaust Pipe for the OS Speed 91 HZR and 91 HZ series Helicopter Engines, Brand New in Box, Made in Japan.

The PowerBoost pipe 90 is a sliencer developed exclusively for 3D flights with 90 sized helicopter. It is the ideal exhaust pipe for OS Speed 91 HZR and 91 HZ series Helicopter Engines. This Sliencer delivers excellent high performance in th R.P.M. range used regularly in doing maneuvers, while it secures the stability in idlling and hovering.


  • Excellent performance from high RPM manuevers to idling and hovering
  • Polished natural finish aluminum construction


  • OS 90 3D PowerBoost Exhaust Pipe
  • two M4 X 45 mm socket head cap screws
  • two M4 Spring washers
  • one M4 pressure nipple
  • two M4 nut
  • one Plug Screw M4X6
  • Aluminum Gasket 0.5mm
  • Exhaust Tube
  • Binding Strap
  • English instruction manual

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