Lynx EOX Motor 2214-6S-2500KV

300er Heli Motor, ideal für Oxy 3 Heli, 6S, 2500KV

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Lynx EOX brushless motors a new generation of high power, high efficiency helicopter motors.
Our new EOX motors will open your eyes to performance.
Developed by Lynx, these motors are perhaps the ultimate helicopter upgrade.
Featuring a single wire coil assembly for the best in efficiency, power and cool running.
High temperature rating Neodymium magnet and high quality material and component graduate EOX motor by Lynx a Limit Edition.

The EOX-2214 motor is the ultimate powerhouse for 300 class heli.
Specificaly designed for Tareq and his Oxy3, the 6S-2500KV edition is designed to increase the Max Output Power and work with 6S.
The high quality of all components and material used, as the choice of a special single wire rewind system grade this motor as a Limited Edition
We introduce 3 Radial Bearign shaft supportand 100% Factory fine motor balancing for the ultimate motor consistency and vibe free.
Overall dimension was designed to fit in the standard frame without touch battery or servo.
EOX 2214 is sale with standard cable connector plugs.
So the next time you want to upgrade your helicopter – think Lynx EOX!
Motor Kv: 2500KV
Max Lipo Cell: 6s (22.2 MAX INPUT VOLT)
Stator Diameter: 22 mm
Stator Length: 14 mm
No. of Stator Arms: 9
No. Magnet Poles: 6
Single Wire Diam.: 0.40 mm
Max Continuous Current: 30A
Max Continuous Power: 666W
Weight: 59.5g - with wire and pin
Outside Diameter: 28 mm
Body Length: 22.3 mm
Shaft Diameter: 4mm - 3 Bearign Support
Pinion Shaft Diameter: 3,17 mm - With Lock Surface
Overall Shaft Length: 46.7 mm
Motor Timing: 5deg
Drive Frequency: 8kHz
1 x EOX 2214-6S-2500KV Motor with preinstalled conector plug
4 x Hex Cup Screw M3x8

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