Scorpion HK-5020-450KV

der Powermotor für 700er Klasse, 450KV U /V, 4000Watt Dauerleistung, 5800 Wattz Spitze...

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Ideal für 90er Heli

Die neue HK50er Serie von Scorpion wurde für den Einsatz in der Heli-Oberklasse entwickelt. Massive Power und hochwertige Verarbeitung machen diese Scorpion Motoren zum idealen Triebwerk für Deinen Heli

Technische Daten:

  • Strator Durchmesser: 50 mm
  • Strator Dicke: 20 mm
  • Strator Arme: 12
  • Pole: 10
  • Windungen: 13 Turn Delta
  • Draht: 20-Adrig 0,33 mm
  • Drehzahl Kv: 520 Kv U/Volt
  • Leerlauf Strom (Io/10V): 1,72 A
  • Widerstand (RM) 0,015 Ohm
  • Dauerbelastbarkeit: 90 A
  • Dauerleistung: 4000 Wat
  • Gewicht: 468 g
  • Aussendurchmesser: 61mm
  • Wellendurchmesser: 5,98 mm
  • Gehäuselänge: 51 mm
  • Wellenlänge: 96,5 mm
  • Akku: 12S
  • Spitzenbelastbarkeit: 130A bis 5 Sekunden
  • Spitzenleistung 5800 Watt bis 5 Sekunden
  • NEU: Lochabstand zur Montage: 30mm
  • Motor Timing: 5deg
  • Motor Frequenz: 8kHz

The Scorpion HK-5020-520 motor is designed for 700 class Electric Helicopters, and for people that want to convert their .90 size glow helicopter to electric power. This motor has a maximum continuous power rating of 4000 watts at 90 amps, and a peak power rating of 5800 watts at 130 amps! The larger diameter 50mm stator allows these motors to produce insane amounts of torque.

Scorpion HK Series Brushless Motors are built from the best materials available, and are designed to provide both quality and performance at an affordable price. Scorpion starts with high quality aluminum alloy parts that are produced on the latest CNC milling machines. These parts are then gold anodized to provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish. The stators are made with 0.2mm laminations to give maximum efficiency, and minimum Eddy current losses. The stators are epoxy coated to prevent shorts, and are wound with wire that is rated at 180 degrees C (356 F). The magnets used in Scorpion Motors are rated for operation at 200 degrees C (392 F), making a motor that is virtually impossible to burn up in normal use.

Scorpion Motors are built to last, and are backed with a 2-Year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. However, due to the high RPM of these motors, and the fact that we cannot control the installation and setup, the bearings are not covered by the 2-Year warranty, nor is any subsequent damage caused to the motor by a bearing failure. Bearings are a normal wear item, and as such, need to be maintained and changed periodically. For maximum life, make sure that a sufficient gap is left between the pinion and main gear during motor installation to avoid binding, and put a small drop of oil on each bearing every 5-6 flights. It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that the bearings are maintained properly.

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