Lynx Heckrotorblätter 86mm - Gruen

super verarbeitete & extrem stabile Plastik Heckrotorblätter von Lynx für 550-600er Größe ...

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Technische Daten:
Länge: 86 mm
Gewicht: ca. 4,7gr / Stück
Material: Palstic Polymer PA66
Anwendung: 550-600er Helikopter

Lynx Heli Innovations are now producing high quality tail blades!
Thanks to our expert plastics consultant, we have optimized the weight and the rigidity using an exotic polymer blend.
The blades features incredible material stability that guarantees constant tail blade shape (no warping), even with extreme weather conditions (very hot, very cold). The result is a stiff tail blade giving the best tail performance under all conditions and fly style.
When flying the Lynx 86mm tail blade blades you will immediately feel tail precision and vibes-free, situations that will achieve the best tail system performance.
Lynx tail blade have higher efficacy compared standard blade than we recommend to check it in fly and adjust  tail gyro gain as need to avoid tail wagging.

Plastic Polymer Base PA66
Tail blade for mostly 550-600 Helicopter
Tail Blade length:  86mm
Average single tail blade weight: 4,7g

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