Scorpion SII-5535-190KV

Flugzeug Brushless Motor, 12S Lipo, 190KV, 5800W, 906g - im Lieferumfang Motorhalterung und Propeller Mutter

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Scorpion SII-5535-190KV


Product Description
Scorpion SII-55 series is the second generation of high efficiency electric motor from Scorpion that are widely used in the size of 50cc airplane,
with proven technology in new magnet configuration and housing design to provide higher efficiency, higher power,
less eddy current losses with lower internal resistance than our previous S-55 series.

This motor is perfect for any 50-70cc airframes, or aerobatic airplanes with Wingspan of 85-95" running on 12s batteries.

Recommended set up:
ESC - Tribunus 12-130A SBEC ESC
Battery - 12s 4500-5500mah
Prop - 23x10E , 24x10E

Stator Diameter: 55mm (2.165 in)
Stator Thickness: 35mm (1.378 in)
No. of Stator Arms: 12
Magnet Poles: 14
Motor Wind: 14 Turn Delta
Motor Wire: 23-Strand 0.33mm
Motor Kv: 190 RPM / Volt
No-Load Current (Io/10V): 1.24 Amps
Motor Resistance (Rm): 0.022 Ohms
Max Continuous Current: 95 Amps
Max Continuous Power: 3900 Wattsscorpion-sii-5535-190kv-dimension.png
Weight: 906 Grams (29.41 oz)
Outside Diameter: 66.4 mm (2.614 in)
Shaft Diameter: 7.98 mm (0.314 in)
Thread size: M8*1.0
Body Length: 69.52 mm (2.737 in)
Overall Shaft Length: 116 mm (4.567 in)
Max Peak Current: 140 Amps
Max Peak Power: 5800 Watts
Max Lipo Cell: 12s
Motor Timing: 5deg
Drive Frequency: 8kHz

Included in the Box
1x Scorpion SII-5535-190Kv Motor
3x Female Connectors
3x Heat Shrink
1x Cross Motor Mount
4x Screw
1x Thrust washer
1x tapered collar
1x spacer collar
1x Prop washer
1x Prop nut
2x Nut lock



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