SCORPION HKIV-5035-380 KV (8/55 mm) Brushless Motor

Highlight - Brandneuer HeliMotor der 700-800er Klasse sowie für Scalemodelle, 380KV, 14S, 7KW, 8mm Motorwelle, 778g ...

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 SCORPION HKIV-5035-380KV 8 / 55 mm Motorwelle logo-scorpion-small.png

  • HeliMotor der 700-800er Klasse sowie für Scalemodelle
  • Since January 2012 the HKIII-50 series has released, this is one of the best motor for helicopter in 700 Speed helicopter and 800 class.
  • After 8 years now we are pleased to announce the forth generation of HK-50 motor, HKIV-5035 series motor!!! With the same motor design and materials of HKII-45 series, and single strand winding technique on this size of motor, it has the better efficiency and power conversion than HKIII-50 series, with an entirely new EM field design, while improving the compatibility with various speed controllers available on the market.
  • With the new design of the rotor and new configuration, Scorpion HKIV-5035 series not only provide even higher efficiency, but also higher peak power and higher torque with lower running temperature.


  • Stator Diameter: 50 mm
  • Stator Thickness: 35 mm
  • No. of Stator Arms: 12scorpion-hkiv-5035-380kv.jpg
  • Magnet Poles: 10
  • Motor Wind: 5+5 Turn Delta
  • Motor Wire: 1-Strand 1.6mm
  • Motor Kv: 380 RPM / Volt
  • No-Load Current (Io) @ 10 v 2.9 Amps
  • Motor Resistance (Rm): 0.0161 Ohms
  • Max Continuous Current: 99 Amps / 137A Peak
  • Max Continuous Power: 5128 Watts / 7097 Max
  • Weight: 785 Grams
  • Outside Diameter: 62.2 mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 7.98 mm
  • Body Length: 69,2 mm
  • Overall Shaft Length: 124,8 mm
  • Max Lipo Cell: 14s
  • Motor Timing: 5deg
  • Drive Frequency: 8kHz





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