Carbon Rahmen links / Carbon Main Frame Left - TREX 700

Carbon main frame(L) x 1(2.0mm), Bearing mount x 1(F9xF15x4.5mm), Bearing MR95ZZ x 1(F5xF9x3mm)

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The new fin set which has 2mm thickness will surely satisfy your need .

And as always Fusuno offers a very affordable price . Beautiful carbon fiber material at very attractive price. 

Don't be fooled by the low price.  Due to our capability to produce the carbon fiber sheet in house and we also have CNC routers in house, we are able to provide affordable yet beautiful carbon fiber parts for your helicopters.

Includes :

  • Carbon main frame(R) x 1(2.0mm)
  • Bearing mount x 1(F9xF15x4.5mm)
  • Bearing MR95ZZ x 1(F5xF9x3mm)

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