LYNX - TREX 150 - Carbon Ultra Heckstreben Stretch +15mm (2 Stück)

we are proud to introduce a stronger and stiff T-Rex 150 boom lighter than standard aluminum one. ...

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Lynx Heli Innovations introduce a reinforced OEM T-Rex 150 Carbon Fiber Ultra Tail boom, and introduce the stretch edition that is 15 mm longer.

We design and produce this new Carbon Fiber tail boom with the outer dimension as the standard boom for the best fit perfectly without modification, and we made it incredibly stiff. Using high quality carbon fiber and epoxy we are proud to introduce a stronger and stiff T-Rex 150 boom lighter than standard  aluminum one.

Major benefit are in tail performance, but even if lighter than standard one will surprise for the crash resistance.
Thanks the stretch edition is possible use longer blade 135 and 140 mm or usign standard blade get higer tail autority.

Direct replacement for your T-Rex 150 tail boom, stretching the tail 15 mm.
Lighter than standard boom but incredibly stronger.
Increased tail system rigidity give precise and crispy fly feeling with standard tail motors.
Incredible crash resistance.

Tail Boom Material: Pure Carbon Fiber OEM Lynx
Weight: 1.78g

2 x Stretch T-Rex 150 Carbon Fiber Ultra Tail Boom (+ 15 mm)

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