Lynx Ultra Heckmotor Halterung Silber - T-REX 150

Tuning CNC Heckmotorhalterung inkl. Heckfinne für deinen TREX 150

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Lynx Heli Innovations has added an option to the cooled tail motor support.  Our T-Rex 150 Ultra Tail Motor Support is a direct fit replacement part made from CNC machined 7075 aluminum alloy to increase strength beyond what plastic or softer aluminum can offer.  A carbon fiber vertical tail fin is included with the package as well as all necessary hardware.

We work tirelessly to optimize the design and perform flight-testing to achieve the desired benefits of additional strength with a final weight and design specifications without compromise. 

Details and design combined with strength, durability, accurate CNC tolerances, fit and finish and most important lightweight will ensure the best performance out of the T-Rex 150 tail motor.  With our unique innovative designs and materials used, we have created many tail motor support options to fill your heli performance need: lightweight, cooled fins, and now the ultra combination of strength and weight.

Direct fit replacement part for the standard T-Rex 150 tail motor mount.  
7075 Aluminum CNC machined Ultra Tail Motor Mount - anodized finish.
1mm thick carbon fiber vertical fin included with hardware.
Final Elements Analysis used to achieve the lightest weight and maximum strength.
Assembly Weight: 1.45 g (Tail Motor Mount, Hardware and Vertical Fin)

1 x T-Rex 150 - CNC Tail Motor Mount - Red anodized finish
1 x T-Rex 150 - Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin
1 x Pan Head Screw M1.4x3
1 x Pan Head Screw M1.4x4
2 x Pan Head Screw M1.4x8

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