Lynx Ultra Heckstreben Set - Silber - MCPX-BL

CNC Alu Halterung, hochwertig gearbeitet verleiht deinem MCPX-BL mehr Steifigkeit, vermindert Schwingungen...

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Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking for a better way of doing things.

Lynx designs a special MCPX-BL frame reinforce system in combination with tail boom support.

We test many option to get a perfect tail boom support system, and in the end the present product answer to our request.

A special lightweight CNC aluminum base frame surround the motor and main shaft bearing ending and locking on the landing gear support. This CNC base once installed become one piece with the frame making an anti torsion effect and become a rigid connection for the tail boom support.

- Strong and rigid standard frame support.
- Anti torsion frame feature.
- Tail boom support system for the best Tail support, and rigidity.
- Extra tail fly visibility and extremely nice assembly tail look.
- Unique and stylish Lynx terminals design – fit perfectly in the frame / tail boom support reducing play and vibes
- Easy and quick installation thanks Lynx design

- Frame Base Material:  Aluminum 7075-T6 Silver Color anodize finish
- Boom Support Rod Material: Pure and solid 1.5 mm diameter Carbon Fiber
- Boom Support Terminal and Tail Boom Clamp Material:  Aluminum 6061-T6 – Silver anodized finish
- Assembly Set Weight: 1.35g

-  1 x MCPX-BL frame base – Silver anodized finish
-  2 x MCPX-BL Boom Support - Silver anodized finish
- 1 x MCPX-BL Tail Boom Clamp – Silver anodized finish
- 1 x Set of necessary screw

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