Lynx Hauptrotorblätter Grün - AXE 100

Tuning Hauptrotorblätter für deine AXE 100 von Hobicco - beste Performance und Steifigkeit - ein Must Have Tuning!

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Designed from the ground up to perform like no other, Lynx blades utilize an exotic polymer blend that optimizes weight & rigidity, allowing these blades to maintain a very rigid & stiff shape with no warping, even under extreme temperature conditions. The overall result is a very stiff main rotor blade that can be seen in the rotor disc, which directly translates into performance & agility throughout the flight.

Lynx products are about finding performance where it counts, and with main rotor blades, performance is crucial in every sense of the word. Designed to bring new performance to the AXE 100, the Lynx 105mm plastic main blades are not only durable, but perform like no other. Further, Lynx brings forth all aspects of colors to choose from, allowing you to select the color that matches your AXE 100 the best.

Bring your AXE 100 to life with a new set of Lynx main rotor blades - value & performance combined into one.

Plastic Polymer Base PA66
Main blade  x AXE 100
Blade length:  105mm
Average single blade weight: 2.70g

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